Research and guidance

Research and guidance

What does research and guidance tell us about responding to Covid19?

The advice on this website is informed by research and evidence-based practice in the fields of individual and organisational resilience and responding to major incidents.

There are consistent themes and messages about the need for:

  1. Good, clear, timely, communication and training
  2. Fostering team spirit and cohesion
  3. Promoting wellbeing through flexible, responsive resourcing
  4. High quality psychological and wellbeing services for staff

Ref: The King’s Fund COVID Trauma Response Group – guidance for planning early interventions

The following research papers are either directly related to the mental health response in COVID-19, or are related as they are findings from the SARS epidemic. We have grouped these papers into themes, so they are easily accessible.

We’ll update it as we find more, so please share any others that you have found helpful. Thank you



Neil, King's College London.

Advice for leaders based on best practice and research.

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