Management and coaching support

Management and coaching support

Where can we access coaching and management support?

There are a number of projects that can offer support to you as leaders in health and social care.

The Covid 19 – Staff Wellbeing Communications Toolkit has been prepared by colleagues across health and social care sectors to provide some practical support and messages that will help you engage directly with your workforce about their emotional, physical and psychological wellbeing. It will be updated regularly so check back for new ideas and messages.

Do you want to be more active in caring for your health and wellbeing during Covid-19, but not sure what to focus on?

Do you want to make the most of your strengths during this time, and preserve your energy as much as possible?

Are you supporting other colleagues or team members during the Covid-19 pandemic?

If the answer to any one of these questions is “Yes” you may want to think about taking up one of the free coaching options designed specifically to support all health and social services staff in Scotland during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Project Lift  is a new approach to recruit, retain, develop and manage talent within Health and Social Care in Scotland to ensure all leaders can be the very best and most able they can be and reach their potential from entry roles through to boardrooms.  Its focus is to embed a consistent and understood approach to leadership across Health and Social Care in Scotland, explicitly linked to the ethos of Compassionate and Collective Leadership, collaborative working and the underlying values and principles of the National Performance Framework and Health and Social Care in Scotland.

Project Lift is about offering people opportunities, tailored to their individual needs, and supporting the evolution of communities; communities of leaders at all levels.

There are 4 key strands to the approach: values based recruitment; performance appraisal; talent management; and leadership development.

There are other resources in the Leadership and Management Zone of NHS Education for Scotland that are available to managers in health and care:

Leadership and Management Zone on TURAS LEARN

A Resource for team leaders in health & social care settings

Taking care of your staff -protecting the psychosocial well-being of staff and teams during COVID-19




Dave, Project Lift.

“Project Lift was set up to enable managers and leaders right across social care to be the best versions of themselves.”

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